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Panama Island Hat Gamboa Genuine Panama Hats
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Panama Island Hat Panama Island Hat

Panama Island Hat


# desummer010

On orders of $199 or more
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Brand: Gamboa
Color: Black
Material: Toquilla Straw
Brim: 4 cm. (1.58")
Grade: 3 - 4 (SubFine) learn more
Sweatband: Cotton Twill, 3 cm. (1.18")
Crown: 10 cm. (4")
Ribbon: Light Blue.

Description: A comfortable hat, handmade in Cuenca, the worldwide famous Panama Hat town in Ecuador. This Panama Hat is a top quality, casual and elegant hat. Each hat is individually blocked and trimmed to meet the highest quality standards.

Our Artisans Panama Hat History
Key Features

Light & Fresh

Will keep you fresh no matter how warm the day turns out to be.

Genuine Panama Hats

Our Panama Hats are carefully woven by expert artisans in Ecuador.

Style & Comfort

Suitable for travel, outdoor activities and events.

Sun Protection

UPF 50+UVA/UVB Sun Protection. Only 1/50th or less of UV rays are able to pass through the hat

Genuine First Quality Hats

The art of weaving a "Panama Hat" is both a legacy and a tradition: it is passed from generation to generation of artisans. These artisans work with outmost care so that straw tufts become very fine hats. The cycle is repeated, by generations in Cuenca, Montecristi and close by towns.Our Panama Hats are 100% handmade by the best artisans in Ecuador. Our artisans focus their skills in the key elements that make a top quality hat:

  • Quality of the "Toquilla" straw used: The artisans select the straw from specific varieties and treat it in a way that ensures its flexibility and durability.
  • The finish and the hat style.

Hat Bands
Check out our Gamboa Hat Bands and add color and versatility to your Panama Hat.You can switch out the band on your Panama Hat depending on what you are wearing.They fit perfectly on your Panama Hat. Easy to switch out when you want a different style.You can interchange these bands with all your hats.

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