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Panama Hat Montecristi (7-8) + Hat Raft Wood Box Gamboa Genuine Panama Hats
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Panama Hat Montecristi (7-8) + Hat Raft Wood Box

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On orders of $100 or more
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Our Artisans
The art of weaving a "Panama Hat" is both a legacy and a tradition: it is passed from generation to generation of artisans. These artisans work with outmost care so that straw tufts become very fine hats. The cycle is repeated, by generations in Cuenca, Montecristi and close by towns.

Our artisans focus their attention on the key elements that result in a top quality hat:

  • Quality of the “Toquilla” straw used: The artisans select the straw from specific varieties and treat it so as to ensure it's flexibility and durability.
  • The skill and ability of each person who weaves the hat (always by hand).
  • The finish and the hat style.
Brief history of the “Panama Hat”
The raw material for the elaboration of the famous Panama hat is the "Cardulovica Palmata" palm leaf, commonly known by the name of "Toquilla Straw".

This plant is grown mainly in the mountainous regions of the Ecuadorian Coast and in towns of Eastern Ecuador, specifically in the Manabí, Guayas, Esmeraldas and Morona Santiago provinces.

When the Spanish conquerors arrived to what nowadays are known as the provinces of Guayas and Manabí on the Ecuadorian coast, they observed native Indians using straw hats which covered their ears and necks. These hats looked like headdresses, similar to those used by the nuns or widows in Europe at the time. It is this similarity that gave the hats the name of “Toquillas” (headdress in Spanish) and resulted in the straw from which they were made to be called "Toquilla Straw".

According to the legend, this native hat obtained it's name when Teddy Roosevelt participated in the inauguration of the Panama Canal (1913). During the event he received an Ecuadorian straw hat as a gift, and without knowing the true origin, he thanked his guests for the gift mentioning it as a “Panama Hat”.

In the period from 1800 to 1900 the straw hat developed into a world known hat. It was a feature of historical episodes like the California Gold Fever and events such as the Paris Exhibition in 1900.

We know today that the "Panama Hat" is made in Ecuador with the secrets for the elaboration of the hat passing from generation to generation.

Each hat is unique, completely hand made, and thus it should be cared for as a very special item.


""Special offer for you!
A luxurious hat handmade in Montecristi, the worldwide famous Panama hat town in Ecuador. This Panama fedora hat (Tuis) for men is of top quality.

- 1 Raft wood box, size: 9 x 10 x 32 cm (3.55" x 3.95" x 12.65")
- 1 Panama Montecristi Hat - Fedora (Tuis) for men (Grade 7-8)

Color: Natural
Material: Toquilla straw
Brim: 8 cm. (3.15")
Grade: 7 - 8 (Fine)learn more
Crown: 11 cm. (4.3")
Ribbon: Linen
Our Artisans Panama Hat History
About Montecristi Hat Quality

The Finest Quality

Each hat is individually blocked and trimmed to meet the highest quality standards.

World Renowned Quality

The quality of Montecristis hat is world wide recognized.

Superb Craftsmanship

Expert hatmakers harvest leaves from the toquilla plant, then work them again and again to create fine straw fibers of uniform width and color.

+3 Months for Perfection

More than 3 months of work by our bests craftsmen with years of experience.

Handcrafted by the Most Experienced Craftsmen

A Montecristi Panama hat took months of woven by our most expert artisans using 100% first quality toquilla straw

These are woven in an extremely tight and even pattern to create the body of the hat.

Because of its high quality, this Montecristi Panama Hat can be folded and get back to its shape without any damage. Packable to carry it anywhere very easily.
A Masterpiece that Lasts a Lifetime

The way we create our products makes them a unique masterpiece that will be with you on all the adventures you have to come. No matter what occasion or season these hats will look sharp and fit great. you will be getting constant compliments on them.
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Panama Hat Montecristi (7-8) + Hat Raft Wood Box

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