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Roll Up Panama Hats

Definitely, Panama Hats have gained supreme reputation due to roll up feature. The flexibility of these hats help in folding them in small sized raft box. While travelling or shipping, you can keep your roll up panama hats safe without problem.
There are various benefits of folding hats. The reliable and true Ecuador hats can easily bend and roll. Moreover, the bending does not damage the shape and you can bounce back a hat whenever you want. Our Optimo and Fedora Panama hats are appropriate for holding the innovative shape for years. As these hats have a crease in the middle area so it is easy to turn them. In fact, all our hats have quality to roll up because these are woven with same straw and procedure. If you want to roll up panama hats, you must know our recommended procedure. It is suggested to purchase wooden box and keep the folded hat in it. You can opt for other accessories as well, such as cotton twill sweatband and horsehair band.
Procedure for Rolling Up a Hat:
Here is an easy to understand method for your flexible and durable hats:

  • Select a hat and turn down the brim area
  • After turning brims, turn the Panama hat on its right side
  • Now, turn down the area of brim completely
  • Now fold the central ridge part of the crown
  • Press on one side of your hat to other
  • Roll it wobbly
  • Put it in a box and take it with you on seaside or sunny beach

Our entire roll up panama hats is superb in quality and material. You can choose your desired color band for giving a chic style to your hat. It is your protective shield from sun rays. Contact with our team today and book your order.

Panama Montecristi Hat - Colonial (Optimo) - (Grade 25) Panama Montecristi Hat - Diamond (Grade 13-14) Panama Montecristi Hat - Fedora (Grade 25)
Panama Montecristi Hat - Colonial (Optimo) - (Grade 11-12)

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