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Are you searching for a well-knitted Panama hat? We offer Toquilla straw standard hats to block the harmful sun rays in summer season. Our genuine seal based hats can get the confidence of new clients. The experts and admirable artisans of Ecuador are performing hat weaving job for our company. You can check the features, styles, grades and colors of our Montecristi hats at

The Process of Panama Hat:
Once our professional completes the weaving procedure, the hat is being refined by washing, and drying detailed procedure. This process helps in giving a perfect shape to hat and making the surface soft and shiny. From Ecuador, we ship all our demanded products to our store. Here, we use sun protection solarweave and Teflon coating on all hats. We apply stylish and colorful bands on these hats. As per customer’s order, extraordinary pins are also attached with the hats.

Why Solarweave & Teflon is used?
It is the specialty of online company that we offer solarweave hats. These hats have competence to hinder the sun rays and give guaranteed Ultraviolet rays protection. Side by side, the use of Teflon makes the hat dirt resistant. It is useful to protect the hats from water or moist effects.

It is our effort to give something extraordinary to our clients. Panama hats are available on various online stores but it is our trait that we have utilized special materials for UV protection and water effects. Moreover, our band selection options are also marvelous. We have embroidery based band, strips bands, single or double color bands and company logo bands. All these features have made our hats more comfortable, useful, reliable and modish. If you are interested to purchase your new hat from online shop, we welcome you at our store and feel exciting to deal you as our client.

Brown Panama Hat - Fedora Hat for Men Light Brown Panama Hat - Wide Brim Gambler Hat Light Brown Panama Hat for Women - Ausin
Light Brown Panama Hat - Fedora Hat for Women

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