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Panama Hats Ecuador

The Ecuador is famous for its master weavers and designers of finest straw based hats. Toquilla straw is collected to make the superfine hats. The panama hats ecuador are thicker than the common thread. It is the quality of these hats that their brims never get trimmed. Single artisan weaves one hat at a time and takes 50 to 60 for completion.
cctually our hats are produced in Ecuador, not in Panama. In 19th century, Panama Canal was used to ship these out to other countries, so the hats were given a name “Panama”. Our company has been providing unsurpassed services for more than ten years. We have wonderful styles for men hats and women hats. Our specially designed kids’ hats are fabulous. It is the trait of panama hats ecuador to give all styles, colors, shapes, brim sizes, grades and bands.

Our hats are knitted, blocked and dyed to make our product modish and stylish. These can be rolled easily without any damage. Moreover, we provide wood boxes to keep these hats protected. Here are some of the well known styles and designs of our hats:

  • Colonial Panama Hat for Women
  • Natural Montecristi Hat
  • Panama Montecristi Colonial Hat
  • Panama Montecristi Fretwork Hat
  • Colonial for Men
  • Gamboa Classic Panama Hat
  • Panama Cuenca Hat- Plantation for Men
  • Panama Montecristi Plantation Hat
  • Panama Hat for Kids
  • Panama Hat for Girls
  • Panama Hat for Child

There are as many color combination as a customer wants to add in his/her hat. The panama hats ecuador is available in the form of corporate gifts. We are capable to design sports hats, business hats and special events hats with your required logo, design and color. Send us your order with grade number, style, color of hat and size.

Natural Panama Hat for Men - Borsalino Hat Natural Panama Hat for Women - Optimo Hat Standard Panama Hat Band - Blue
Natural Panama Hat - Fedora Hat Roll Up

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