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In Ecuador, the world’s finest hats are produced. These are named as Panama because the hats were transported in past, from Ecuador to Panama Canal to send different parts of world. Panama hats are recognized due to best weaving efforts and blocking procedure. Panama hat is knitted by using the Toquilla plant leaves. To ensure the quality material, hats are graded with various degrees. The selection of grades for panama hats dallas depends on the customers; however the luxurious and costly hats have 1600 to 2500 weaves in one square inch.

Our company receives the superior quality hats directly from the artisans of Montecristi. We are selected by clients due to perfect Western styles and cowboy fashion hats. Our hats are soft, durable and affordable. The Cuenta system is used to check vertical and horizontal weave rows in one inch for the selection of exact price. Though it is incredible but true that our superfine panama hats dallas are tightly woven and can pass through a small ring in rolling condition.

Though there are hundreds of weavers in Ecuador who are capable of weaving but a few knows how to design a superb piece of art. These straw based light weighted hats are excessively used in summer season. Panama hats are used by celebrities.

Since 19th Century, Panama hats have been grabbing the interest of worldwide customers. Now, these hats are particularly used in summer season, seaside holidays and Casino. Our panama hats dallas offer inimitable styles, colors and band designs. We are proud that all our products have Ecuadorian seal to get the trust of clients. Enjoy our wholesale rates, discount packages and special deals while purchasing our product. We provide on demand hats along with special band style, pin designs and colors.  Contact right now and send specification of your order.

White Panama Hat for Men - Optimo Hat Natural Panama Hat for Men - Borsalino Hat Natural Panama Hat - Fedora Hat Roll Up
White Panama Hat - Fedora Hat Roll Up

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