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Panama hats are admired by men and women. These hats are lightweight, breathable and appealing in color. A well quality hat is woven with straws known as paja Toquilla, which are grown near Andes Mountains. It is worn in summer season and has vivid association with seaside trip or horse riding. In fact, Panama hat does not refer to one exclusive hat. It has a lot of attributes and styles. People love panama hat styles because each style is unique in shape, grade, brim size and color. Gambler, Borsalino, Plantation, Colonial, Fedora, Diamond, Cowboy, Boater and Safari are some of the most admirable styles.

Fedora Style:
Our panama hat styles are popular among people but Fedora style has a distinctive position. This hat was worn by Roosevelt, Bogart and Napoleon. These amazing hats are illustrated through a pinched sweeping crown with middle sized brim which can dip over eyes and snapped from back side.

Optimo Style:
It is special due to dome shaped crown and ridge. In tropical locales, British travelers preferred to use it. The ridge concept is derived from nefarious custom of turning over and packing. This style is widely used in UK.

Gambler / Plantation Style:
The Gambler/Plantation style is distinguished through the curled brim of hat. If you want to get sunlight protection or want to use stylish hat; the Gambler/Plantation hat is suitable for all events.

Colonial Style:
Just like other styles, Colonial is trendy and has off white and natural white colors. Montecristi Colonial hat, Colonial fretwork hat, Natural Gamboa Classic Colonial hat and Colonial Optimo Panama hat are some of the well-known styles.

Different panama hat styles have capability to attract the viewers but it is necessary to purchase the hat from trustworthy source. Always check the inside hat area for Ecuadorian seal.

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