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Care for the Panama Hat

Panama hats require a certain basic care regime in order to preserve the shape as a whole but also the shape of the crown and the brim as well as the size and the posture of the hat itself.

Basic recommendations

  • Avoid contact with water. If contact is made, allow the hat to rest for as long as necessary for it to dry. Water and humidity deform and harm panama hats.
  • The hat must be properly stored in a fresh and open area. It is better if the hat is stored in a special balsa wood box for toquilla straw hats (See our exclusive models at
  • It is not recommended to keep the hat folded for more than 48 hours inside luggage, suitcases or small wooden boxes. It is best to store them in large balsa wood boxes, hanging or wearing them.
  • Avoid handling the hat from the same side and/or making too much pressure on it as with time the palm material will break. This happens especially with the hatīs crown which is the favorite part from where to hold the hat but is also a very sensible part.
  • The "Toqulla Straw" is an organic material that needs a certain level of humidity to remain preserved and flexible. In this sense, it is not recommended for the hat to be exposed to sun light in a closed environment.

Additional suggestions:

  • If the brim becomes deformed and lifted, a good way to restore the original shape is using a vapor iron protecting the hat with a cloth.
  • If the crown becomes deformed or flattened, it is necessary for a specialized person or service center to repair the hat so it will not loose its original and characteristic shape.
  • If the hat gets slightly dirty or stained, a good way to clean it is using a pencil eraser. Never use water or alcohol.
  • For stronger stains we recommend using baby wipes or facial tissue to remove the stains little by little. Any inappropriate chemical product tends to crack the toquilla straw.

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