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With the end of fifties it may look that use of hats went out of fashion, somehow it was true for few decades. At those times hats have lost their appeal and charm for both men and women. They were seen occasionally on weddings or at church, but their use in daily life was gone. Now trends are changing, people are getting innovative and for these hats are making their way back in business. Panama hats are the ones that gain popularity again. Not only this hat but also Panama hat band has been again in use by youngsters now.

For many years men were seen baseball or knit hats in winters. Now these hats are replaced by beanie hat that is like a knit hat that goes on the head, usually folded up to create a huge band on itself. The material of this hat is thick which is not for summers at all.

There are varieties of other straw hats available in market like fedora, conical or basher hat. Choose the one that suits you the most and enjoy your summers. You can login at to purchase or to get more information.

Youngsters are leading the way and making their styles statement by wearing Panama hat. This hat gain fame and acceptance at the time of construction of Panama Canal. It usually comes in tan or white color, woven from reeds or straw. The style of this hat appeals the most because of its wide brim with Panama hat band tied around it. With comeback of this hat, its most use has seen on beach because of its soft surface. The material of this hat makes it airy and light weight which gives comfort to its wearer. While going for outdoor activities in summers now people prefer to wear Panama hat. It prevents the issues of scratchy, prickly head in hot summer days.

Standard Hat Band - Light Blue Striped Standard Panama Hat Band - Red & Grey Standard Panama Hat Band -Brown Tones
Striped Standard Panama Hat Band - Blue

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