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Montecristi Hats

Montecristi hats are priceless. The reason being that they are made in various styles and are of high quality. Also you can get a hat which suits your style as well as physique ranging from higher to lower crown heights to narrower or wider brims. These hats are also available with hat bands however; they are optional and are included only if requested. Moreover, the finesse of the hat is completed with a grosgrain ribbon trim which you may request.

The classic style of montecristi hats mostly comprises of a tear-drop shape island at the top most position and provides an elegant look to the person wearing it. Blocks is another style you can go for when selecting these hats. Basically these hats have some space within its dimples at the front part which gives the hat a slimmer as well as tapered look. The best thing about these hats is that it can be worn with any attire. Whether you are pro to a designer wear, jeans, shorts or a business suit, this hat will compliment all. These  hats are considered to be a herald of refinement as well as sophistication and are being celebrated to be the king of hats for centuries. It has all – uniqueness, prestige, style and utility.

The name Montecristi is associated with the highest quality of Panama hats because they are woven with the highest quality of straw which requires splitting it so as to get a finer and tighter weave. This splitting should be completed within a few hours after harvesting and this is the trickiest part which not all manufacturers of these hats can attain.

The price range of montecristi hats are based upon its weaving, finishing as well as authenticity and mostly lies between $300 -$800. This might be a high price tag for some people however, once you buy it, you will definitely find your purchase worthwhile.

Panama Montecristi Hat - Fretwork Ausin (Ausin) - (Grade 25) Panama Montecristi Hat - Fedora (Tuis) for Women (Grade 25) Panama Montecristi Hat - Fretwork with Leather Hat Band - Ausin - Grade 17-18
Natural Panama Hat - Fedora for Men

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