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Panama hats are quite famous with both males and females as it enhances their existing wardrobe and adds a dash of unique flavor to their costumes. One would truly appreciate the qualities of the panama hat when you are made to travel under the hot sun. Made from straw and other durable materials such as leather, the ladies panama hat is a really good investment for all those women who are looking to safeguard their complexion from the harmful UV rays that are emitted by the sun.

Being extremely lightweight and flexible, the panama hat does not add any extra bulk to your wardrobe. What it offers is an abundance of style and comfort that goes well with any kind of costume that you are planning to pull off. The straw that is used for designing the panama hat is selected after it undergoes strict quality control process. Typically, the straw is harvested after it grows for roughly two years and six months. That is how long it takes for the panama straw to be ready for being manufactured into hats. The weaving process for designing the ladies panama hat is distinctive in nature and no other wardrobe accessory can boast of having such a unique manufacturing process.

The reason why the hats are called panama hats is because of the fact that long back, the workers who were building the Panama canal wore such kind of hats for shielding themselves for them hot sun while they were working. Hence, the hats were named after the famous canal. The cost of best designed ladies panama hat can go upwards of ten thousand dollars and one must be prepared to shell out a tiny fortune if they want to buy such hats. The hats are usually weaved manually and it might take more than a month to weave a single hat to perfection.

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