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People love to wear most stylish and elegant panama hats. The gamboa hats are woven by experienced artisans who are connoisseur in their profession. There is a historical background behind these distinguishing hats because Panama hats are designed by getting inspiration from Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa. He was an explorer and well known personality of his time. We offer top notch quality exclusive hats to our customers, which are wonderful in shape, grade, color and size.

It is our priority to present the highly refined material and long lasting product to win the hearts of customers. We have hired professionals, who select Toquilla Straws from the world’s best material to weave Panama hats. Our hats are the sign of trademark and customers contact us worldwide to purchase hats such as:

  • Panama Gamboa hats - Plantation style
  • Panama Gamboa hats - Fedora exclusively designed for men
  • Panama Gamboa hats - Colonial for men
  • Panama Gamboa hats for men - Diamond style

The most traditional residents of Ecuador have hired by our world famous company. It is our endeavor to get quality hats at reasonable rates according to the requirement of customers. It is our promise that our Panama hats can stay with you for years. The gamboa hats are difficult in designing and experts weave them with full dedication. As a result, each of these exclusive hats takes 2 months time to complete the weaving procedure.

It is always a great deal of attraction that these sturdy hats are light in weight. You can wear it while traveling, attending a party, enjoying with friends, sea side party or vine testing events. The especially collected palm leaves are the raw material for gamboa hats. These palm plants are available in the coastal area of Ecuadorian Mountains. Make your personality more imposing by wearing Special gamboa hats.

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