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Panama hats are considered as very stylish products that are generally worn by men. They always enjoy a great demand because every style conscious males want to buy panama hat. The big question is that why panama hats are so famous when there are many other different types of similar products available in market. Well the thing is that a panama hat is woven by hand from palm leaves that are found in Equador. The leaf belongs to Equador because the climatic conditions of this part of the world are suitable for supporting its growth. The skill of weaving these hats are passed from one generation to another by the locals and every new generation adds more versatility to these popular hats.

Very few of you might be aware of the fact that initially a panama hat was named as toquilla because they were manufactured using the straw named toquilla. There is an interesting story present behind the change of name in the year 1913 Teddy Roosevelt was present at inauguration of a Canal in Panama. The hat was given to him as a gift and he thanked the presenters calling the hat as Panama hat. Since then these hats are referred to as Panama hats. Thankfully now to buy panama hat you don’t have to go to Panama because these hats are widely available in all parts of this world.

In fact, the best approach is to buy panama hat from an online store because you will not have to visit markets and your order will be delivered at home. Just find a decent website and place your order we recommend that you should visit It is a very good and modern online store that can supply many ideal products to you in addition to the wonderful panama hats.

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